Strategic Marketing Management- Group Strategic Plan

Strategic Marketing Management- Group Strategic Plan Assignment example
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Strategic Marketing Management- Nintendo Customer inserts his/her name Institution’s name Current business products/ product line Several gaming products currently dominate the Nintendo market while the variety differs from region to region. Theory suggests the use of corporate identity and corporate brand name as a source of synergy with dual branding carrying the name of the corporate brand as well as the individual brand (Walker, Gountas, Mavondo, & Mullins, 2012).


Furthermore, the Wii box offers access to popular movie sites such as Netflix, thereby enhancing user experience (Nintendo , 2013). The “Wii U” is an extension of the “Wii” product line which is designed as the first of its kind product in the Nintendo range to support high definition graphics with high storage capacity and supporting features such as touch screen and HDMI input (Nintendo , 2013). This product line features products such as the Wii U GamePad and Wii U Pro Controller (Nintendo , 2013). The Nintendo 3DS product is a portable game console that projects 3D effects without the use of any special glasses (Nintendo , 2013). The result is an enhanced, intuitive gaming experience for users. Furthermore, the 3DS console offers wireless connectivity, thereby enhancing its ease of use and portability. The Boston Matrix classifies products as cashcows, stars, dogs and question mark whereby cashcows are primary generators of profit for the company and hold significant share of a low growth market (Walker, Gountas, Mavondo, & Mullins, 2012). ...
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