A marketing plan to regenerate the area around Aberdeen Beach

A marketing plan to regenerate the area around Aberdeen Beach Essay example
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Aberdeen Beach Introduction The essay titled “Aberdeen Beach” is about business analysis and planning of a tourist beach at a location of the same name. The report focuses on Scotland tourism and offers an analysis of the tourism market of the area. Strength, weakness, opportunity and threats in terms of the prime location and the surrounding area are analysed and proper strategy has been made for the launch of the business.


Internal marketing audit, external marketing audit, competitor analysis as well as marketing review of the beach has been done in order to make the area attractive for the locals as well as visitors. Mission Statement The purpose of the tourist beach will be to provide an everlasting experience for the visitors of the beach by exposing them with clean and calm environment, latest adventure sports and activities, leisure areas, top class restaurants and nice places to hangout. The beach will be serving all demographic categories starting from kids, teenagers, youngsters as well as adults, professionals, middle aged and senior citizens. There will not be any gender bias and equal opportunities will be provided to men and women in terms of activities and events (Nimwegen, et al., 2008). The beach will be established keeping in mind the environment and local surroundings. The beach will also use latest technologies to keep the pollution and wastages at bay and will make sure that least amount of wastes are dispersed in the surroundings (Fuchs and Diamantopoulos, 2010). Corporate objective The major corporate objectives of the beach authorities are as follows; 1. ...
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