The influence of the Enlightenment and Postmodernism on Work - Essay Example

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The influence of the Enlightenment and Postmodernism on Work

According to my research, postmodernism is clearly influencing numerous businesses and organizations that operate in the digital world (David 2010). This is evident in companies that are utilizing post modernism technology in their day-today operations. Remarkably, this is a major step in conserving the ecosystem, making work easier, and improving medical care. However, postmodern changes pose a major challenge to businesses and organizations. This is evident in my research on how several companies are also using internet connectivity. For example, the internet is been used to make work easier worldwide. The use of social media such as Facebook indicates the work simplicity that result from postmodernism whereby I relay information to workmates through these sites (Astradur 2009). Moreover, I can hold meetings with people at work without attending the meeting by the use of video conferencing technology.
Modernism and Financial Times
Hi-tech advancements are been embraced largely by the serious media in online activities. My research has revealed the dramatic changes in media especially the financial times and the times. The Financial time plan to eliminate a number of editorial jobs and replace them with a few jobs as a focus on post modernism by this the financial time will have shifted from news to a more fast networked business. However, this will have a large number of employees jobless. Financial times have shifted from then modern way of printing newspapers to a more flexible and fast means the online news and services. Only job cutting will act as a source of revenue to ensure that it will continue existing in the post modernized era although is not enough to keep it running in the post modernized era. ...
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Postmodernism is a term I would use to describe the “digital era” (Glen 2013. Post modernism is technological advanced era that is correcting the imbalances in our societies brought about by the modernism period (Larson 2008). …
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