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Law Channels of Distribution Course/Number Date Instructor’s Name Direct Distributive Method Also known as direct marketing, direct distributive method (of marketing) refers to the means of selling products by directly dealing with consumers or customers, in lieu of using intermediaries to get to clients.


How Direct Distributive Method Works According to Konow and Johansson-Stenman (2010), normally, the method of distribution of a given product or service to the market is dependent upon an organization’s preferences. Door-to-door calling for instance may entail the producer getting direct feedback from clients and making distributions, with these distributions being made concomitantly with clients’ feedback. The same applies to direct-mail calling, telephone selling and cold calling which all serve as ways or tools of gathering feedback, specifications and guidelines for the oncoming distribution. This gives direct distributive an edge over the use of middlemen since goods and/or services are distributed according to clients’ or consumers’ actual specifications. This above development reduces wastage and gives producers a greater incentive to synchronizing the volume of sales with the volume of production. However, for Tesla, carrying out research studies will be the most tenable way of establishing the needs of the market, as opposed to direct-mail calling, telephone selling and cold calling. Again, after studying the market, the producer will go the length to establish the necessary and most appropriate logistics and tools for distribution. ...
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