Enhancing Employability & Employment

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Enhancing Employability & Employment Executive Summary Change is a ubiquitous phenomenon which has become prominent and pervasive in most of the organizations. The study will deal with the existing issues faced by Ernst & Young at different stages and their impact on the society.


The derived information from the exploratory research suggests that compliance with legal requirement and accounting standards not only improves the existing system within Ernst & Young but also helps them in devising strategies meant for community and societal development. The main aim of the hard and soft system models as solutions for Ernst & Young would help in the removal of the existing functional and non-functional barriers for the improvement and efficiency in the accounting system and also the achievement of the goals and objectives. Covert, overt dimensions, hard and soft systems would help in identification of taxation and accounting errors and also the delay causing the timely delivery of projects. On the other hand, the Weisbord Six Box Model would facilitate both the running the existing system, design of constructive organizational structure and enhancing the work climate. ...
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