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Gamification Abstract Gamification is the act of integrating the dynamics and mechanics of a game into a non-gaming scenario. This practice has now become common for a large number of firms belonging to different industries. Companies use this strategy for improving their performance, increasing their profits and modifying the purchasing behaviour of customers.


This often leads the customers to act in such a way that under their motivation of earning benefits, they actually work in favour of the firms’ objectives. Different companies use different ways to gamify their non gaming applications. Organizations develop their own customer response measurement criteria on the basis of the gaming mechanics. These criteria help in assessing the level of customer engagement and evaluating the success rate of the gaming program. Table of Contents Gamification 4 Uses of gamification 5 Examples of gamification 6 Response of target group 7 Reference List 9 Appendix 11 Literature review Gamification Gamification is a concept that is sued for a variety of purposes in businesses. According to most scholars, there is no standard definition that would be appropriate for defining this term. However, it has been generally agreed that gamification “refers to the design process of taking things that are not games and trying to make them feel more like games” (Molesworth and Knott, 2013). In terms of marketing, gamification might be reflected as an art or as the science of converting the everyday interaction of the customers into games in such a way that the new design would be beneficial for the business. ...
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