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Assignment example - MKG413A : Promote products & services Assessment 2- Marketing Plan

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MKG413A : Promote products & services Assessment 2- Marketing Plan Assignment example
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Promotional Campaign of TAFE Universities Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.0 Introduction 4 2.0 Executive Summary 5 3.0 Market Research Overview 5 4.0 TAFE Entity Outline 9 5. Marketing Objectives 10 7. Promotional Plan 12 8.0 Action Plan 13 9.0 Budget 14 10.0 Performance Control & Evaluation 14 11.0 Conclusion and Recommendation 15 12.0 Reflection 15 Reference List 17 Appendix 18 1.0 Introduction The education system of a country plays pivotal role in strengthening the economy of a country…

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It should be also noted that education has different forms such as general education, technical education and vocational education. Students usually select one of the forms on the basis of their desire and requirements of the situation. Intention This report deals with the TAFE colleges in Australia. In Australia, TAFE colleges, commonly known as technical and further education provide a wide range of vocational tertiary education courses, under the National Training System/ Australian Quality Training Framework/Australian Qualifications Framework (Victoria, 2011). Purpose and Scope This research paper will principally focus on the four main aspects of TAFE institutes in Australia. One important part is the background of TAFE schools in Australia. It also encompasses, the employment opportunities provided by the institutes. Apart from that, the background also includes the marketing techniques employed by them and comparison of their marketing approach will be done with the mainstream colleges. The second part mostly concentrates on the advertisement campaigns of the TAFE schools and their reach to the target candidates. ...
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