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BRAND STRATEGY AND CUSTOMER RESPONSE: MARKETING COCA-COLA Brand Strategy and Customer Response: Marketing Coca-Cola Health and wellness is one of the more basic human needs that is essential to living a quality life, and it is included in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Schultz, 2013).


One such brand that can be sold to people in having health benefits are product lines from the well-known Coca Cola Company, which boasts of more than 3,500 and continuously increasing number of products, and gains further brand strength due to its strong involvement with consumers through various media collaborations, well-established corporate social responsibilities, and continued expansion to many markets around the globe (The Coca-Cola Company, 2013). Coca-Cola’s placement in the security level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comes as the result of combining a strong brand image along with health benefits apart from satisfying customers’ physiological needs such as food and water, which in turn gives it an edge over other food and beverage brands which may only advertise or give an impression of fulfilling basic physiological needs. While Coca-Cola may well be one of the well-established or the most-trusted brand targeting the customer demographic, various reasons for motivational conflicts or cognitive dissonance can arise among its customers. One of the biggest possible conflicts could happen to health-conscious consumers, who are fully-informed of the high-sugar content of most of the flagship carbonated drinks of the brand, as well as the use of artificial or alternative sweeteners originally-aimed at them. ...
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