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Print Advertisement for Product 1. Describing the chosen advertisement and its location The chosen advertisement of Giant Eagle’s Chicken Broth depicts the product quality features of the product offered by the company. The advertisement reveals that the product i comprises quality ingredients, which are 100% natural.


It has been observed from the advertisement that the store brands, like the Giant Eagle, have been effectively competing with the national branded products. The consumers are also seemed to be satisfied with the product available in the chain stores due to quality assurances at lower prices (Store Brands Decisions, 2012). The advertisement of the product, Giant Eagle’s Chicken Broth was located in a national news magazine named Store Brands Decisions, apart from online media such as Facebook and Twitter among others, of the advertisement proved significant in creating better awareness in consumers about the quality ingredients and competitiveness of the local brand in comparison to national branded products. 2. Analyzing the underlying assumptions of the ad The author of the advertisement, i.e. Giant Eagle, has evidently considered few assumptions to lure the customers. For instance, one of the major assumptions taken by the author connotes that the consumers are health conscious and demand for quick ready food products with quality assurance. The promotion of the product in the online advertisement sources will thereby assist the customers to have adequate knowledge about the quality of the product and the ingredients used for its preparation. ...
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