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Fast Food Nation Abstract This paper intends to review the book “Fast Food Nation” of Eric Schlosser portraying the information accuracy, objectivity of the author and the credible sources that have been used while conducting the research. While reviewing the book, it can be apparently observed that the fast-food products impose unfavorable impact on the health of the people at large, raising the chances of having obesity within an individual.


In this regard, with the intention to comprehend the fast-food industry of the United States, renowned author Eric Schlosser wrote the book “Fast Food Nation” which deals with the interception of fast food industry in America along with emphasizing determining the mechanisms of fast-food industry in the US. In this regard, fast-food chain was first seen in America in the 20th century which was established for the purpose of satisfying the needs of the consumers, especially in terms of time consumption. Since the food item takes less time to get prepared, it further enables people to expend less time in cooking or waiting for food in different outlets (Watson, 2008; Schlosser, 2002). Accuracy of Information The accuracy of the information provided in the book can be determined from the fact that Schlosser conducted a broader based on fast-food industry in order to attain a comprehensive understanding about the subject matter. He visited various fast food restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms and other factories in order to obtain accurate information regarding the quality of fast-food products. ...
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