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Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is an expensive specialty food store with the very best imported and domestic products in the metropolitan area of San Diego. It is dedicated to providing quality services and products to its consumers. The main vision of the organization was to achieve high customer satisfaction at the time of establishment of business.


Marketing Research is required to provide sound information in today’s competitive marketing environment. These decisions are not based on intuition, pure judgment or gut feeling. An incorrect management decision may be made if sound information is not available. It is important for Kudler Fine Foods to work on the new trends of the market through having proper knowledge of the market. In the service sector, it is necessary to know the products which are gaining popularity. For case in point, Kudler Fine Foods will have to sell products which are gluten free as they are becoming more admired and began to increase market share. Kudler Fine Foods will have to market those products to the right target group in addition to selling those products. The companies are required to have in place a system to sort out and store data for reviewing the environment of the market. Thus, Kudler Fine Foods from the program of frequent purchases is provided statistical information. This data helps identify products purchased recurrently by the customers. To find out whether the pricing strategy is apt or not, the recognition of frequent purchase of products and the products which are not being frequently purchased is required. ...
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