Intrapreneurial marketing plan

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Student Name Professor Name Paper Date The Marketing Plan to Initiate Theme Park Introduction The marketing has developed in the form of art and science of persuasion. The classical concept of marketing is obsolete that emphasized on fulfilling needs and wants of customers with profitability.


140). The old method of identifying the demand and then, gathering organizational resources to fulfill is not at all applicable in the modern era of the 21st century. The information technology and internet has transformed the globe into a global village and therefore, the competition in every industry is cutthroat. The number of competitors in every field is mounting significantly (Keller pp.150). The level of competition killed those companies that attempted to identify the demand in the marketplace. In the contemporary organizational arena, the companies have to work towards fulfillment of customers’ psychological needs. The approach of celebrity endorsement has been conceptualized and developed in the light of Maslow’s theory as people like to attain attachment with famous people (McCracken pp. 315). Thusly, it can be established that psychological value is the most effective way of winning customer loyalty in the current times. But, the companies that can create some new way to fulfilling the customer’s existing needs can do well as well because the people of modern world love creativity as the living standards are improving in all parts of the world simultaneously. The customers are finding innovative companies that have the capacity to meet their real needs in a different and unique manner. ...
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