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Student’s name Instructor Class Date Marketing All marketing organizations have different ways of sustaining their growth. Most of the marketing companies have developed different strategies for the local and global expansion of their market. This is due to the state of saturation arrived at by the domestic market.


46). It is the responsibility of the management to identify and nature the core competence that fuels the company’s growth: the Wal-Mart stores identify this with much fulfillment of customer needs and with a broad spectrum of products and services at “everyday low prices”. The competency here is the product of the cumulative of competencies within the organizational boundaries and within personal skill sets. Wal-Mart has been a leader in inventory control, channel management, customer service and distribution. This has been arrived at through the company’s ability to distribute network and to coordinate a complex management of information and managing supplier relations in an efficient way. In order to fit within the marketing mix, the company has had the best strategies that address their pricing, promotion, advertising and competition for all tangible and non-tangible products. On observing its tangibles, I noticed that Wal-Mart has distributed cars and other motor products to several stores. As their selling slogan “everyday low prices”, the company has maintained low prices for the cars with great observation to the prices from other car selling industries. I saw a car care service point outside one of their stores and realized that, in order to maintain their customers, they have the car care services that they offer in every store. ...
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