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University’s Name Kodak and Fujifilm Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date: Kodak and Fujifilm Introduction In 1888, George Eastman Kodak developed the first snapshot camera, which placed the foundation of one of the biggest firms the global corporate world has ever seen.


Since 1976, Kodak captured large market of camera and film in US (85% and 90% respectively). Photofinishing processes of Kodak soon became industry standard in terms of quality. It always had competitive advantage over its competitors due to the operation and scope of its business. This assisted Kodak for having sustainable growth for around 90 years. However, from 1980s and 1990s, Kodak began to encounter problems in terms of revenues, marker share, technological explosion, and competitors (Schreiner, 2012). As Kodak strives for survival, its biggest competitor Fujifilm enjoys the renaissance of innovation. For Canon and Nikon, innovations with sensors, Fujifilm emerges as a genuine threat to Kodak. In 2010, Fujifilm maintained its place in Fortune Global 500. Even though, the company is now striving to keep up with its current position by diversifying into new similar businesses. Fujifilm was established in Japan in 1934. It has made its place as a leader in videotape, motion picture photography, floppy disk, and audio tape industries. It is also involved in manufacturing camcorders, still cameras, chemicals and paper, photofinishing equipment, information and imaging products for medical and office use markets. The company introduced dry plates, motion picture film, and photographic paper. While Kodak goes bankrupt on 13 January 2012, its long time competitor Fujifilm is flourishing fairly well. ...
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