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Starbucks Corporation-Case Study Starbucks Corporation is a company that is synonymous with coffee. As a result, when the name Starbucks is uttered anywhere in the world, what normally comes into the minds of many is the quality coffee that the company sells.


Other countries where Starbucks has opened several stores include Canada, where it operates 1,248 and Japan where Starbucks has 965 stores (Garza par. 1). Industry Starbuck Corporation deals with the sales of drip brewed coffee, hot drinks of espresso, coffee beans, hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, salads, sweet pastries, Panini, snacks and other items such as tumblers and mugs. In addition, Starbucks sells coffee and ice cream at its grocery stores (Stevens and Loudon, 2005). As aforementioned, Starbucks is currently the largest coffee company and chain in the world operating more than 20,000 stores in 62 countries. Starbuck also stands out as one of the major employer company in the world with more than 149,000 employees. In addition, the company has over 4 million followers on Twitter plus 34 million likes on Facebook (Garza par. 3). Regarding growth, Starbucks currently operates at a mature stage of its lifecycle. Since its founding more than 2 decades ago, the company has experienced rapid growth since its formation. Nevertheless, the growth prospects have significantly slowed down in recent times, which have even forced it to close some of its chains. Starbucks is currently focusing its efforts on its earlier endeavors and internationalization (Allison 4). Starbuck’s Mission Statement Starbuck’s mission statement is more than just words. ...
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