Managing the Digital Enterprise

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Managing the digital enterprise: A case study of Amazon and Dell companies Name Institution Instructor Date Introduction The adoption of a proper business model has been demonstrated as one of the strategies that companies use to enhance their performance and retain their customer base.


It demonstrates the degree of innovation of an organization and their responsiveness to the consumer needs and changes in taste preferences. With the introduction of technology, e-business models have been developed that allow businesses to demonstrate their abilities and responsiveness using web based centres. Thus, a business model whether tradition or e-business model demonstrates the approaches adopted by an organization to make profits. In this paper, the business models of Dell and Amazon companies will be analysed to demonstrate how each of the approaches have affected the performance of the businesses. In implementing the business models, these organizations have their specific community and target audience in sight, which affects the nature of their models. The target audience served by the organizations websites will also be analysed to demonstrate how the companies use their sites to attract their customers. Dell and Amazon business models The development of web dependent business models as have been done by both Dell and Amazon requires the understanding of the characteristics of web-users. ...
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