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Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Chapter 1 The Company Johnson & Johnson is a U.S. based multi-national company. It serves mainly in both consumer health and pharmaceutical industries. Johnson & Johnson is comprised of many companies. It has been identified as the world’s sixth-largest consumer health company; the world’s largest and diverse diagnostics and diverse medical devices company; it has been known as the world’s fifth-largest biologics company and the world’ eighth-largest pharmaceuticals company (Our Company, 2012).


Subsequent to that, the Company developed and published ‘Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment’ in the year of 1888. In the same year, the Company successfully innovated and launched the first commercial first aid kits. The Maternity kits were launched for the purpose of making childbirth safer in the year of 1894. Johnson & Johnson has strong credos that are inbuilt into the company’s business ideology. The first responsibility is to the nurses, patients, nurses, to fathers and mothers who use the company services and products. In addition to that, the Company maintains following standards: High Quality, Prompt service delivery, Equal opportunity for the suppliers, Individual attention to employees, Adequate and fair compensation and working conditions, Equal employment opportunities. Johnson & Johnson has no established mission or vision statement. However, the credos and values are considered to be serving the role of mission and vision statement for the company. Chapter 2 Analysis of company situation Source: (Johnson & Johnson annual report 2011). ...
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