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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Costa Coffee 1.0 Introduction UK is among the top ten coffee importing countries worldwide. Coffee maintains its third position as the most preferred non-alcoholic drink within the community. Coffee Shop entails any kind of restaurant offering beverages such as tea and coffee.


These affect the consumer buying behaviour. The effects of the external environment affect coffee markets at relatively low rates. Despite adverse economic trends in UK, statistics indicate that UK recorded relatively high GDP growth rate of 4.5%. Most of the English provinces saw the risk weighted adequacy ratio for the capital improve as well as progress of financial improvements and reconstruction. The current paper analyzes the external and internal marketing environment for Costa Coffee. This considers both micro and macro marketing environment as well as the major events and trends that impact the marketing in Costa Coffee. The essay focuses on both future and current occurrences within the micro and macro marketing environments through analysis of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the market. The paper gives the strategic recommendations on how to improve marketing in Costa Coffee (Adams & Ghaly 2007, p. 1716). 2.0 Introduction to Costa coffee Costa Coffee refers to a British Multinational coffeehouse in United Kingdom, a subsidiary of Whitbread PLC. It forms the second largest coffeehouse chain worldwide after Starbucks (Allegra Strategies, 2004). The Italian brothers; Bruno and Sergio Costa started the coffeehouse in 1971 as a wholesale supplier of roasted coffee to specialist and caterers in Italian shops. ...
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