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Consumer Behavior Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Consumer Motivation and Nestle Milo 3 Influence of Culture and Nestle Milo 4 Conclusion 4 References 5 Introduction Consumers’ buying behavior has been a crucial aspect for the marketers of all the multinational consumer goods producing companies.


Consumer Motivation and Nestle Milo Consumer motivation is considered to be one of the major driving forces that shape consumers’ behavior towards a certain product. It is referred to the drive of satisfying both psychological and physiological wants and needs by purchasing as well as using the desired products. Consumers purchase and use certain products and services because of the motivational force that works behind such activities. The main objective of most of the marketing communication programs is motivating the consumers so that they prefer a particular brand (Lindquist & Sirgy, 2003). As far as Milo is concerned it is one of the most important health drink brand that is owned by Nestle. Studies reveal that Milo has been the most popular health drink among the consumers in Singapore. People in this part of the world love to consume Milo and they are several motivational factors behind such fact. First of all Nestle is one of the most trusted consumer goods brand in the country. It started its operation in Singapore in 1912 and since then it has come up with several popular products (Nestle, n.d.). Being a Nestle brand, Milo has always been preferred by the consumers. Nestle brought Milo in Singapore during 1940s. ...
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