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This paper deals with the consumers’ buying decisions regarding the Milo drink which is a popular product of Nestle. It describes two crucial concepts which are ‘consumer motivation’ and ‘consumer perception’ in the context of Nestle Milo. The paper is prepared keeping the consumers of Singapore at the background. …


Consumer motivation is considered to be one of the major driving forces that shape consumers’ behavior towards a certain product. It is referred to the drive of satisfying both psychological and physiological wants and needs by purchasing as well as using the desired products. Consumers purchase and use certain products and services because of the motivational force that works behind such activities. The main objective of most of the marketing communication programs is motivating the consumers so that they prefer a particular brand (Lindquist & Sirgy, 2003).
As far as Milo is concerned it is one of the most important health drink brand that is owned by Nestle. Studies reveal that Milo has been the most popular health drink among the consumers in Singapore. People in this part of the world love to consume Milo and they are several motivational factors behind such fact. First of all Nestle is one of the most trusted consumer goods brand in the country. It started its operation in Singapore in 1912 and since then it has come up with several popular products (Nestle, n.d.). Being a Nestle brand, Milo has always been preferred by the consumers. Nestle brought Milo in Singapore during 1940s. Over the years consumers have been motivated because of Milo’s great taste, the healthy ingredients that are used in it and its affiliation with the sports in the country. In 2007, the ‘Health Promotion Board’ awarded the brand with the prestigious ‘Healthier Choice’ status (Nestle, n.d.). In the same year, Nestle launched ‘new formula MILO’ in which better and healthier ingredients were used (Nestle, n.d.). Apart from the health aspect, there are various promotional strategies that have been adopted by the company to promote Milo. These strategies can also be considered an important reason behind driving the consumers’ motivation for purchasing Milo. Nestle has given significant emphasis on the packaging aspect of Milo. Milo is available in attractive green cans. There are Milo vans and kiosks as well. In simple words it can be said that the overall offerings of Milo greatly attract the youth of Singapore.
Influence of Culture and Nestle Milo
An important aspect that greatly impacts the consumers’ behavior at the time of purchasing any product is the ‘culture’. Different types of core values regarding culture influence consumers’ choices and tastes. Culture can be seen as the combination of values, customs and beliefs. Culture is ‘social’ and ‘communicative’ in nature. An individual shows certain cultural values that are acquired from the society where he/she belongs to (Tyagi & Kumar, 2004).
As far as Nestle Milo is concerned, the rate of consumption of it is greatly influenced by the cultural values that are found among the people in Singapore. It is found that consumers in this country are fond of various sports. They love different types of sports like swimming, soccer, basketball etc. Nestle has identified this aspect of Singaporeans long back in 1950. ...
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