Anaysis of the Impact of LGBT Market

Anaysis of the Impact of LGBT Market Dissertation example
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IMPACT OF THE LGBT MARKET INDEX Topic Page No: 1. Introduction: 4 2. Research Question: 5 3. Literature Review: 6 3.1. An overall perspective of LGBT and Financial Market 6 3.2. Gay Marketing: Using the Power of Diversity 8 3.3. The 5 Ps of LGBT Marketing 10 3.4.


Impact of LGBT Market 19 3.11. Pink Money and Valuation 22 Topic Page No. 4. Research Methodology 23 4.1. Collection of Data 23 4.2. Limitations of the research 23 5. Finding and Analysis 24 5.1. Answer to the research question 1 38 5.2. Answer to the research question: 2 39 5.3. Answer to the research question: 3 40 6. Conclusion 41 7. Bibliography 42 8. Research Questioners 45 9. Appendix 48 1. Introduction: Decades after invisibility and reaching critical mass, a breakthrough was achieved on July 1991 article in the conservative Wall Street Journal, when they termed the lesbian and gay community "a dream market."At present, the American market is anticipated to be valued at $835 billion in 2011 -- based primarily on U.S. population growth and with a steady 7% representation of gays and lesbians within the overall population. (Comercialcloset; 1) In 2004, Commercial Closet reported that around 36% of Fortune 100 companies endorse their products and services as well as advertised directly to the lesbian and gay market. Today, American corporations use up about $307 million annually in gay print media. According to the report published in the Gay Press 2011 from Rivendell Marketing and Prime Access, which tracks 109 U.S. gay press publications. Apart from that, it has to be noted that much more is spent on sponsorships and online advertising. ...
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