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LinkedIn Case QUESTION 1 LinkedIn Corporation is regarded as one of the widely recognized social networking websites for people in relation to their professional occupations. The company has acquired more than 200 million users since the year of its inception i.e.


Again in the year 2008, the company adopted another strategy in order to provide active support to its worldwide users through collaborating with another popular networking website named Facebook under one common platform. Through the execution of this particular strategy, the company became much successful in showcasing various quality and effective applications that eventually attracted huge figure of users towards accessing the website (Yoffie, Slind and Achsaf 1-23). The success factors of the company, since the year of its inception are quite clear with apparent reasons. In this regard, the immense success of the company in the global market in a short span of time is largely owing to the stern approach made by the company towards ensuring a better professional interrelation and growth for every user. The prime intent of LinkediN can be viewed to provide advices to the users regarding their professional development such as seeking for good jobs. Moreover, the approach of the company towards providing greater value to its users further supported to attain immense success over several years (Yoffie, Slind and Achsaf 1-23). However, there are certain threats or risks that are inherent in the current strategies that execute by LinkedIn, hindering the growth of the company by a certain degree. ...
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