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The past few years had noted a dramatic increase with respect to the overall level of mobile devices that are used for purposes of business and pleasure throughout the world. The particular piece that was chosen for analysis within this brief summary is with regards to the October 18th article in Business Insider entitled “Platform Native Social Media Marketing”.


As a direct result of these dynamic shifts, the manner in which marketing has taken place and the manner through which firms seek to reach their clients has also changed precipitously from what it was merely a few years ago (Jones et al. 691). Accordingly, the following analysis will seek to detail the ways in which technological change has not only shifted the means of marketing and integration, but has fundamentally changed the ways that businesses promote themselves and engage with the consumers in the market (Holmes et al. 124). The article points to the fact that many firms have been unduely tempted to step away from traditional approaches and have begun to chase the allure of cheap and omnipresent forms of internet advertising; to include those linked to social media marketing. Although this can most certainly be an effective approach in engaging certain key demographics, the author warns that it must not supplant the approach that it utilized within the many other forms of marketing that have for so long helped to define the means by which businesses integrate with the consumers. ...
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