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It’s GDP (PPP) Is $1.4 trillion which has seen a 2.5% growth. Per capital GDP is $40,541 and the foreign direct investment in the country is about $40.9 billion. Inflation is around 2.9% so needless to say the economic conditions are very good in the region. (Heritage, 2013) Social and Cultural Canadian people have a very strong sense of community and they have high participation in civic and volunteer activities. About 85% of Canadians reported that their sense of belonging to Canada is very strong or somewhat strong, showing that the sense of belonging to the sociocultural community in Canada is strong (Human Resources and Skill Development Canada, 2005). Technological Canada is seen as a technologically advanced nation with 79.2% of its population having internet penetration. Digital courts, cloud computing, facial recognition technology and other technological advancements are frequently used and developed. This shows that the environment is conducive for technological development. Industry There are many competitors in the portable toilet sector in Canada. Some of the more notable names include: PolyJohn Canada, Amot portable toilets and 5 peaks distributors (Panjiva, 2013). However there is still scope for internationalization and expansion into new markets. The portable toilet industry in Canada currently thrives due to the demand from the construction industry with 85% of its demand being from that sector. ...
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Environment Political and Economic Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867 with ties with British Crown. The UN ranks Canada as one of the best countries to live in due to its high quality of life, stable and progressive political environment and its healthy economy…
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