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The effectiveness of advertisement Table of Contents Introduction 3 Campaign Strategy 3 Evaluation of campaign strategy 5 Reference List 7 Introduction Advertising can be described as a paid non-personal communication done by an identified sponsor with the use of mass media in order to persuade and influence an audience to buy products manufactured by a company (Wells, Burnet and Moriarty, 2003)…


However, this process is very exhaustive and expensive as well. In today’s world, advertising formats in print or TV, or interactive media such as the World Wide Web, has replaced the age old form of one-to-one advertising where representatives from companies had to meet with every customer individually to discuss a product or service. The modern day world has witnessed a tremendous development of the Internet technology. With more number of people becoming computer literate and the pace at which the Internet technology is reaching every household, online advertising is becoming a new culture of advertising of particular products and services. The primary reason that can be attributed to this fact is that, it can reach a large audience in a cost-efficient manner (Kim, Kwon and Chang, 2011). Broadcast media incurs a cost of time, print media incurs a cost of space and interactive and support media incurs a cost of both time and space. This cost is spread over millions of people who use these media types. The TV advertising industry, as highlighted by Ramalingam, et al (2006), is associated with three crucial advantages. Firstly, it covers a large audience base and that too in a cost efficient manner. ...
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