international marketing.i have written the questions on the order instructions

international marketing.i have written the questions on the order instructions Essay example
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Global marketing mix of McDonalds November 05, 2013 Step 1. selection of Brand Interbrand, (2013) provides a list of the top 100 global brands, based on parameters such as performance, visibility and marketing reach. Among the 100 brands selected, the firm selected is McDonalds.


Step 2. Analysis of the brand and IPT application In this step, the marketing mix of McDonalds is analysed. A brief overview of the firm is provided followed by an analysis to assess if the marketing mix is standardised or adapted across international markets. Also discussed is the Internationalisation Process Theory - Uppsala theory for its international operations. 2.1. About McDonalds McDonalds operates in the restaurant sector and its products are fast food items, soft drinks, milk shakes, salads, breakfast, meals and other food items. In 2012, the firm had revenues of 27.56 billion USD. It has more than 34,000 outlets in 118 countries. It employs more than 1.7 million people in its stores and offices. Outlets are operated using different models of as an affiliate, franchisee and directly by the firm. The firm earns its income from royalties, rent, fees from franchises and from sale of food products. Franchise operators are monitored strictly for the service levels and to ensure that the brand image is not spoilt. Outlets have different styles such as counter service and drive-through/ walk through service. It has also opened McCafe, a cafe style of outlet that competes with Starbucks (McDonalds, 2013). 2.2. Assessing the7Ps of marketing mix The marketing mix is a marketing practice and business tool that helps to assess the brand's offer to customers. ...
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