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Promotion Strategy Of Quaker Oats

The approach, combined cell phone texting facility, digital and static retail symbols and sampling the product within the outlet, which enabled Quakers Oats to attain, attach and connect with purchases and encouraging them to buy at above 80 tactically focused shopping hubs. Shoppers were supposed to get a message on their phones which state ’20 per cent off Quakers Oats’ along with making them aware that they can attempt the oats in a “Coles” outlet that is conducting the campaign. As the shoppers walked through the shopping hubs, the “Quakers Heaps of Fruit Oats” promotion on digital and static sections would offer a 2nd chance to get to the consumers before they are provided with the opportunity to experience the “Heaps of Fruit Oats” in the Coles outlet ( 2013).
Recently, in November 2013, Quaker Oats supported a movement named as “Movember”, with the objective of increasing attentiveness towards the health related issues of men. The movement is a nationalized charitable trust of the U.S.A. It encourages the male population to develop mustache throughout the month of November. Larry, the familiar face of the adored brand, “Quaker Oats” which has supported its consumers for over 135 years, is eliminating the razor from his daily lifestyle. Instead, he is focusing on growing a white mustache for the movement. Furthermore to support the cause the firm is donating USD 25,000. This attempt would surely add more fans to the brand’s already existing list of admirers. ...
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Promotion is an integral part of the marketing program of a firm. The report "Promotion Strategy Of Quaker Oats" discusses the various promotional strategies devised by Quaker Oats to make the people more and more aware of its wide product range as well as their own health…
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