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Promotion of Quaker Oats Contents Promotion Strategy 3 Reference 6 Promotion Strategy Promotion is an integral part of the marketing program of a firm. Promotion helps a firm to make it present itself in front of the target market. The present report discusses the various promotional strategies devised by Quaker Oats to make the people more and more aware of its wide product range as well as their own health.


The firm is known for preparing excellent promotional campaigns. During 1955, Quaker Oats used to conduct a radio program named “Mountie in the Yukon”. The firm struggled a lot during that time to find out a new and innovative promotional strategy when they presented an excellent idea of enticing people. The firm promoted oats stating, “Every box of Quaker oats would contain a deed for a piece of land where the fictional show took place”. This idea proved to be very fruitful and almost all the boxes that contained deeds were purchased by the customers within a few weeks (Random Food Facts 2013). Furthermore, the firm had implemented “oOh!’s multiple retail channels” to boost sales support that were conducted only via Coles. The approach, combined cell phone texting facility, digital and static retail symbols and sampling the product within the outlet, which enabled Quakers Oats to attain, attach and connect with purchasers and encouraging them to buy at above 80 tactically focused shopping hubs. Shoppers were supposed to get a message on their phones which states ’20 per cent off Quakers Oats’ along with making them aware that they can attempt the oats in a “Coles” outlet that is conducting the campaign. ...
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