Marketing Research- Individual Data Analysis Report.

Marketing Research- Individual Data Analysis Report. Assignment example
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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Qualitative Analysis 2 Quantitative Analysis 6 Conclusion and Recommendation 22 References 23 Introduction The taste and preference of the global consumers are changing at a robust rate (Glynn, 2009; Zickmund, Ward, Lowe, Winzar and Babin, 2011).


Another critical factor that has led to an increased consumerism is the surge in credit culture. In addition, companies nowadays also put more emphasis on the requirements of consumers because they have understood that it is wise and sensible to manufacture products according to the requirement as it mitigates the market risk as well as provides opportunity to gain success. The same idea is applicable for a television production company (Edwards & Peccei, 2007). Television viewers have the tendency to watch programs that is entertaining and has some kind of social value (DeMozota, 2003). However, the viewership of a television program is greatly dependent upon the culture of the country and also the customer base that the television program has considered as its target. In this report, in-depth consumer analysis will be conducted to assess their attitude towards reality shows. On the basis of the analysis, a recommendation to the client, NBN will be made about whether they should introduce a new Reality TV show or not. The analysis of data will encompass both qualitative and quantitative forms and a judgment will be made after considering both the facts (Solomon, 2008; Pride & Ferrell, 2004). Qualitative Analysis Key Themes Identified The study is trying to analyse the attitude of consumers towards reality TV shows. ...
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