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A survey of student attitudes to university fees - Essay Example

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Surveys refers to a branch of applied statistics. A survey methodology happens to study the sampling of separate units from a community/society. It also reflects upon the related data collection tools and techniques. Examples of techniques include the construction of related questionnaires along with the methods to improve the accuracy, number and reflection of the surveys conducted (Groves, Fowler, Couper, Lepkowski, Singer& Tourangeau, 2009)…

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A survey of student attitudes to university fees

Example include Market Research Surveys Government Surveys Public Health Surveys Public Opinion Polls Censuses may be another example of quantative research. Although a census does not include a sample/portion of the community, it surely does include many others modern survey methodological aspects such as interviewers and questionnaires. Surveys are an important tool for research. With the help of surveys we may be able to gather precious information not only for research purposes but also for public information. Surveys are not restricted to one field or line of information. Information may be gathered for marketing, sociological, psychological and many other aspects and fields of study (Advanced Research Seminar On Cognitive Aspects Of Survey Methodology & Jabine, 1984). A survey was conducted regarding tuition fees and related issues. Most of the respondents were international which were paying a comparatively high tuition fees. As expected, all of them were of the idea that the tuition fees were high and should be cut down. A few students were happy with their fees but it is believed this was due to the fact that they were either UK home students or EU students. ...
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