Marketing Planning - Domino's Pizza

Marketing Planning - Domino
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This report aims to develop a positioning strategy for Domino’s pizza in United Kingdom (UK), which is a leading pizza delivery organization.


Moreover, people are looking for innovation in the pizzas. Domino’s is offering a huge range of products apart from pizzas and are mainly focusing on customers with smaller pocket size. The SWOT analysis reveals that the organization has great deal of strengths and opportunities but is facing steep competition from its competitors like Pizza Hut and Pizza Express. After the situation analysis and studying the current market segment, target market and positioning strategies has been suggested. Introduction Domino’s pizza is a well known pizza delivery organization in this world. The passion and expertise shown by this organization and its employees in delivering fresh and hot pizzas has earned loyalty of numerous customers from all over the world and several awards for the organization (Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland Limited, 2012). This report focuses on developing a marketing plan for Domino’s Pizza in UK. The pizza market of UK has recorded an increase of 21.5 percent in sales value between the year 2008 and 2013 and reached £881 million (Mintel Group Ltd., 2012). This was primarily due to the thriving chilled sector and commodity inflation, which lead to higher self prices. The growth on the overall volume has increased by 7.3 percent over the period, which has acted as the accelerating factor in terms of both volume and values (Mintel Group Ltd., 2012). Chilled pizza has created a better and healthier image of quality amongst the consumers. On the other hand, frozen pizzas acts as a remedy for being processed. Reports also suggests that fifth of the users in UK are seen to show interest towards the British sourced meat. 23 percent of the parents are seen to show their concern regarding lack of pizzas for children (Mintel Group Ltd., 2012). ...
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