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Springfield Nor'easters

The tickets will also consider the families buy giving the families a different package to make the families have fun with their children in the stadium. The stadium will be partitioned into sections and the prices set for every section in the arena. The proposed packages are Friends and family package Couple packages Children with birthday parties Single tickets VIP packages And general sits packages Expected annual revenue With good advertisements and the culture of giving good packages to the community, the tickets are expected to be sold out even before the leagues start. Since it is a new culture being built in the community, the fans will be intrigued by the new sports phenomenon and would be down to pay the tickets for the experience. Another motivation to the revenue collection is the fact that the fans will be treated to new teams who come to the venue therefore fostering the competitive culture and identification. With creation of a local fan base, the tickets are inclined to producing more money even during the friendly games and off-season matches. With the packages and pricing set per seat a family is expected to pay for a game is close to $59 every single game. The ticket for an individual is $ 4-12 depending on the preference of the sitting area. The stadium has a capacity of 8200 seats. ...
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Springfield Nor'easters Name: Institution: Type of ticket packages to be offered The tickets should vary in accommodation of the range of funs expected in the stadium. These fans will come in different clusters. The ticketing should vary with the preferences the people have to the where there will be prime tickets for the VIP, premium one and two tickets and the general seats…
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