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Marketing Techniques for Grad Show Interior Design Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Marketing Techniques for Grad Show Interior Design Marketing is a salient part of a business success. Interior Resource design Agency (2013) reports that in order for businesses to success, other people must know of the existence of the business and the things that the business provides.


The marketing strategy adopted must be in tandem with the business plan. This discourse seeks to explore the best marketing strategies that the interior Grad Show can employ in marketing its interior design projects. To begin with, the world has witnessed rapid technological advancement over the past few decades. The technological advancement has particularly impacted on the way people receive information. Today many people rely on the television, the internet, and radio as the main source of information. Therefore, interior designers must take advantage of technology to reach out to people from all over the world. However, the first thing that interior designers must know is that pictures of projects that had been done before, during and after the construction are of great interest to the audience to whom the interior design is being marketed. The audience at the expo would want to know the designers sense of style and capabilities. Most prospects today search for such information using Google Image to find the design example for comparison (PRK, 2013). Therefore, the first thing that Grad Show interior designers will employee to market its works is to begin by creating an account on various social media networks. ...
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