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Essay example - Comparing Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behaviour in the UK Desktop Printer Market.

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Running head: The UK’s Desktop Printer Market The UK’s Desktop Printer Market Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 4 November 2013 The UK’s Desktop Printer Market Introduction The current globalization of trade has increased competition in the world market…

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It is for this reason that companies have to continue investing in research and development in order to produce more innovative products that competitors. The printers industry is experiencing the same challenges, especially in the desktop printer market; innovation is driving firms into developing new products with sophisticated level of technology and performance. In the UK, the desktop printer market is witnessing competition from the digital media market, thanks to advancement in technology. Indeed, statistics show that growth in the UK’s printer market has been in decline compared to other Western Europe countries like France and Germany. However, firms have continued to invest heavily in diversification of their product lines, with competition now shifting from all-purpose printers to 3D printers. Generally, there are two main buyers for desktop printers including consumers for home use and organizations for office use. Here, firms are concentrating on building positioning strategies that make them more attractive to the customers. Despite facing competition from digital media, firms have top compete among themselves, with major manufacturers such as HP, Samsung, Canon, and Epson among others investing heavily in advertising and other forms of promotion. This paper will examine and discuss the desktop printer market in the UK. ...
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