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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: International Marketing Executive Summary International marketing entails the recognition of the fact that individuals around the globe have different requirements. Various companies with global operations use a consistent advertising mix to suit different needs of the customers.


The company has to assess the size of the potential market, the type and level of competition, promotional variations, price, product variations and barriers to trade. The company has also to analyze the cost effectiveness of various modes of transport. The company has to identify marketing objectives, marketing strategies and marketing budget of this market. The company has also to identify the potential customers of olive oil in United Kingdom, identify the critical issues and develop a system of monitoring and evaluating the marketing activities (Pride & Ferrel 2008, p. 332). Marketing Objectives Setting the objectives of marketing is one of the crucial steps in international marketing. A company will first identify the objectives it seeks to achieve while considering to sell it products in overseas markets. There are various reasons why companies conduct global marketing. The first reason is to improve growth of the company. This is achieved through gaining access to fresh markets and accessing resources. The second reason is for the survival of the company. A company launches its services and products in overseas market with an aim of countering competition. The increased access to resources enables the company to provide services and goods at low costs, thereby gaining competitive advantage against its competitors (Jain & Griffith 2012, p. ...
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