Marketing International Business: Branding, Communications and Relationships questions

Marketing International Business: Branding, Communications and Relationships  questions Assignment example
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MARKETING Name: Institution: 1. How might external stakeholders, develop cross cultural relationships, utilizing social networks. External stakeholders may develop cross cultural relationships by creating specific social media management roles. The appointed social media representatives ought to communicate and interact online with diplomacy and sensitivity.


Social media has various people with distinct social and cultural backgrounds. The external stakeholders must ensure that their representatives in the social media have good relationship management skills. For instance, development of guidance on the use of social networking and social media and integrating relationship management while recruiting individuals. 1. With reference to the internet, how might businesses develop links with clients and further aid relationships that are cultural in origin? Reading about the client’s cultures and histories: Businesses may read about the histories and cultures of the clients who visit them. Once the business identifies the client’s cultures and origins, it can offer background info that makes it easier to ask them sensible questions. Asking the clients questions about the customs and cultures: It is always advisable for any business to question the clients about their cultures and lives and this makes the business learn about them, hence, develop relationships with them (Kotler, 2000, p.121). The clients are always pleased when the business officials ask them questions regarding their cultures. ...
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