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Marketing in the Media 2013 Name Institution Marketing in the Media 2013 - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Introduction There is a splendid marketing media event, which astonished the whole world in a humongous manner, and this was the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which took place on September 4th, 2013 at IFA; the largest consumer-electronics show in Europe.


In accordance to Cant (2006), marketing is mainly associated with any marketing media event since the company can display its latest products. It is paramount to note that marketing is mainly defined as the creation of awareness that a certain product exists through any paid method form of non-personal either through various mediums that include e-mail, direct mail, print, radio or participation in a marketing media activity (Pride & Ferrell, 2013). The major purposes of such events are for promoting and presentation of services, goods or ideas by any identified sponsor who for the purposes of this study is Samsung Electronics Company. There are various examples of mediums that a company can fully utilize, and they include web pages, posters, billboards, radio, print adverts and the television, which includes the mostly viewed television commercial on the new cell phone, the Galaxy Note by Samsung. Sam sung first created and aired the first commercial when the latest Super Bowl football game was taking place, and it was shown on television to create effectively awareness on the numerous benefits of the Galaxy Note prior to the marketing media event in Europe. This commercial differentiated the new Galaxy Note from a very particular competitor at the same time targeting a certain specific market segment. ...
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