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Health Care Management Program - Essay Example

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According to Buchbinder and Shanks, Healthcare Management (HCM) can be defined as the use of clinical and information technology, as well as managerial and leadership skills to ensure the optimal delivery of healthcare…

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Health Care Management Program

Health Care Management Program

Some of the best mentors and leadership role models whom she has worked with at prior institutions have helped excel Ms. Webb in providing her with a plethora of best practices, creating learning environments, and pushing her limits and boundaries. She seems to be very grateful for that.

For example, some of the main services included in the field of healthcare management are preventative care, emergency services, and follow-up and rehabilitation. Without effective management, the coordination of healthcare services and improvement in the health of patients is not possible. Therefore, healthcare practitioners and concerned authorities need to design an effective healthcare management system in order to ensure provision of best health facilities to people. This course is set up to explain the definition of healthcare management and the roles a healthcare manager represents within the industry. A healthcare manager has the most critical role to play in ensuring the wellbeing of patients. He/she is the one who is responsible for provision of the highest quality health services to patients using all available resources. The purpose of this assignment to gain an insight into the way a health care manager effectively uses their resources related to finance, human retention, human resources, and strategic services.

The goal of this assignment given to us is to gain an insight into the way healthcare managers understand their professional practice in terms of a business, as well as to know what efforts they can do to improve the health of patients. ...
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