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ABSTRACT Many retailing stores continue to experience difficulties in development of marketing strategies which enhance quick brand identity. This research seeks to establish the effects of marketing strategies adopted by retailing outlets on customer patronage.


This understanding remains an essential component in development of services aimed at providing sufficient customer satisfaction. The study comprises of a population of all registered retailing outlets with samples of hundred stores in each country. Stratified sampling shall be utilised in sampling of the selected retailing stores within the population. Data analysis and processing shall be undertaken manually through undertaking close reviewing of the collected data. TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 2 1.1.Background 2 1.2.Statement of problem 4 1.3.Objectives 4 1.4.Research questions 5 1.5.Justification 5 1.6.Scope 6 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 6 2.1.Introduction 6 2.2.Research hypothesis 7 2.3.Theoretical framework 7 2.4.Summary 9 2.5.Research gaps 10 CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY 11 3.1.Research design 11 3.2.Population 11 3.3.Sampling frame 11 3.4.Sample and sampling technique 11 3.5.Data collection procedure 12 3.6.Data processing and analysis 12 REFERENCES 12 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1. Background Grocery stores across the world normally manage to market themselves through providing services aimed at satisfying the target market. Before engaging in the business of retailing outlets, business owners must understand the prevailing shopping trends among the target customers. ...
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