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How Advertising is influenced by Ethics?

According to a customer, advertising is a way by which marketers can demonstrate about their product and lure them to buy it. However, advertising is not mere a lure game. It goes beyond just showing what is there to be sold. It is a serious business, which might cost lives of customers if not ethically done. In this research paper, the focus was on exploring the influence of ethics in advertising in healthcare marketing. Healthcare marketing involves promoting medicines, healthcare service by hospital and physicians, etc. Ethics is the most significant characteristics in advertising, but in healthcare segment, it is further important because it involves well-being of humans and animals too.
Every country has their set of regulations and code of ethics for advertising, marketing or promotion. However, innumerable cases of misrepresentation, unethical practice, exaggeration, false claims, etc reveal that there are loop hole in codes of ethics which are being taken advantage of. There are no restrictions on freedom of speech or expression in any country, but it would be recommended that stricter laws for advertisement selection or broadcasting on television or online platforms. ...
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In order to discuss the influence of ethics on advertisement, this paper has been designed to divulge the code of ethics, principles, significance, troubles, unethical practice and other media vehicles. However, since it would be difficult to throw light on the practices of different industry, the report will only concentrate on healthcare marketing. …
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