" memory / personality " consumer behaviour unit

" memory / personality " consumer behaviour unit Essay example
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Memory is defined as the recollection of past experiences. In marketing, it is a consumer’s personal storehouse of knowledge about products and service and consumption experience. It is comprised of two important parts: an experience, a second experience that is related to the first experience.


Similarly, the interest of marketers also includes the perception of the consumers with inclusion of filtering and storage of memory. Most marketing firms rely on memory in ensuring that they meet their targets. Models of Memory Standard Model This type of memory is devoted to show that the memory of human beings is easily affected by the position of an item that is placed sequentially on list. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as serial- position effect. Thus, human beings are best at been able to recapture the first and last items on a particular list and tend to forget those that are the middle. This process of remembering the first items is known as the primary effect while the process of remembering the last items is known as the recency effect (Hoyer & Maclnnis,2008). Additionally, standard model of memory is argued to comprise of system that is further divided into three interacting systems namely: sensory memory ,short memory and the long term memory. First, the sensory memory which refer to the initial process of storing information that is perceived through our senses. ...
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