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Relationship Marketing Abstract Relationship marketing has emerged as a stiff contestant to the theories of traditional marketing. Individuals supporting the evolution of relationship marketing have criticised the concept of traditional marketing, because of its transactional nature.


In order to get a deeper insight into the matter, various concepts of traditional marketing and relationship marketing have been compared and evaluated. The slow decline of traditional marketing is a signal that marketers need to revive their strategies and shift their focus from suppliers to customers. The research will also throw light on the critical matter of relationship establishment and its influence as well as importance in overall success of relationship marketing. The topic will also discuss the emergence of relationship marketing as well as its fundamental values. This will be followed by a discussion on a strategic alliance between traditional marketing as well as relationship marketing. Finally, various application of relationship marketing will be discussed. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 3 Introduction 4 The Case Study 4 Conclusion 11 Reference List 13 Introduction Economic conditions as well as market environment have changed dramatically, sometimes through quantum leaps and discontinuities. The changes are continuous and in some situations, are quiet progressive. A simple corollary to this announcement is that the marketing scholars and marketing practitioners will also have to change. This declaration is so evident that there is no denying as it comes naturally (Moller and Halinen, 2000). ...
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