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Aggreko plc Table of contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Aggreko – Company Overview 3 3. Macroeconomic environment 4 3.1 SWOT analysis 5 3.2 PESTEL analysis 6 4. Competition 8 4.1 Porter Five Forces model 8 5. Competitiveness of the organization 10 6. Conclusion 10 7…


In any case, the expansion of a firm globally is considered as a strategy for improving the firm’s position towards its competitors. However, this is not always the case. In fact, in order for the above target to be achieved it is necessary that the firm is able to develop a competitive advantage towards its rivals. This issue is examined in current paper. Reference is made to a specific firm, Aggreko plc, a global competitor in the energy market; the ability of the firm to compete effectively its rivals in the global market is evaluated by analyzing its macroeconomic environment. It is made clear that the firm’s potentials to achieve a stable growth in the international market are many; however, the improvement of certain of its strategies is necessary in order to avoid significant market risks, in the context described below. 2. Aggreko plc – Company Overview Aggreko is a leading firm in the energy industry. The firm specializes in the provision of ‘temporary energy rental solutions’ (Aggreko 2011, Corporate Website); apart from the above sector, the firm also activates in a series of similar areas, such as ‘electronics, industrial manufacturing and machinery manufacturing’ (Hoovers 2011, Competitive Landscape). ...
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