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Abstract The report sought to evaluate the significance of marketing when selling a particular product to the customers. It has been observed that marketing is not only about selling the products but fulfilling the needs of the customers as well. The evidence drawn from the case study of Nike has shown that the company’s success can be attributed to its strong brand name.


As noted in the report, when intending to launch a new product, market research should be carried out first in order to establish the needs of the people. Marketing messages should be tailored in such a way that the product is presented as better than other similar products offered in the market. The message should also be designed in such a way that it can positively change the behaviour and attitude of people. Table of contents 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Task1 3 1.2 How Nike increases customer satisfaction 5 2.1 Task 2 6 2.2 Segmentation criteria used by Nike 7 2.3 Market targeting used by Nike 8 2.4 Consumer behaviour 9 2.5 Perception maps 9 2.6 B2B marketing strategy used by Nike 12 2.7 International marketing 13 3.0 Task 3: Nike introducing new jersey 13 3.1 Marketing mix for the new jersey 14 3.2 Place 14 3.3 Price 14 3.4 Promotion 14 3.5 Extended marketing mi 15 3.6 Conclusion 17 References 19 1.0 Introduction This case study based essay seeks to evaluate and explain the marketing concepts that can be implemented by Nike in order to operate viably. The report is divided into three sections which deal with different marketing concepts and how they can be implemented by Nike group in order for it to achieve merit/distinction criteria in its operations. ...
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