The challenges and opportunities of BMW

The challenges and opportunities of BMW Assignment example
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The Challenges and Opportunities of BMW Executive Summary This research paper aims at identifying the challenges and opportunities of BMW AG. However, for conducting a systematic research and deriving results in a structured manner, a specific challenge of BMW AG has been choose.


After conducting a thorough review of the literature it has been established that in order to offer high speed, sporty and designer cars to customers the company is neglecting the EU emission norms. There has been several news of the company taking political support to escape penalties and norms immorally. However, strict legal framework is compelling them towards thinking about other opportunities. In this backdrop a qualitative research has been conducted to know about customers’ perception and buying interest after knowing about the challenge. Primary data has been collected through a questionnaire survey among a sample size of 20 respondents. It was found that though customers check size, style, brand name and colour first, when it comes to buying a car but they would not prefer to buy a vehicle which does not meet legal emission standards. ...
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