An analysis of an ad (SAMSUNG Galaxy S4)

An analysis of an ad (SAMSUNG Galaxy S4) Assignment example
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An analysis of an Ad (Samsung Galaxy S4) Name: Institution: An analysis of an Ad (Samsung Galaxy S4) Introduction Effective marketing aims to communicate a product’s value to potential customers so that the product can achieve profitable sales (Ferrell & Hartline 2005, 89).


Being in agreement that the advertisement was successful, this paper will analyze ways in which the advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone is memorable and how it has managed to achieve outstanding impacts. It will describe the buying process as the main theme and determine who the target market is as well as highlight the advertisement’s strong and weak points. Further, it will give recommendations on how the advertisement could have been improved to achieve even better results. To drive the buying process, advertisers need to look at factors that affect consumer behavior or, in other words, answer the question why consumers buy the things they buy. In that sense, the buying process suggests that consumers pass through distinctive phases before finally buying a product. First, they realize that they want or need the product, then seek information and evaluate other products within the similar range. After satisfactorily being convinced about the best available from the options, they may then make a purchase. Traditionally, advertisements for high technology smart phones have not always clearly communicated their benefits in a manner easily comprehensible by non-technical users. ...
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