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Name: Institution: Course: Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery refers to a medical specialty that is concerned with the restoration or correction of functions and forms. Though aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is known as plastic surgery; however, not all plastic surgeries are cosmetic.


The reconstructive surgeries are usually procedures that usually conducted to correct defects on human body including faces. Some of the known constructive surgeries are conducted on physical birth defects including cleft lips, ear deformities, and traumatic injuries. On the other hand, the cosmetic or the aesthetic procedures are usually conducted to alter different parts of the body are direct and advised by doctors. Some of the surgeries that are conducted of the form include making the breasts larger in what is called augmentation mammoplasty or making smaller in the process called reduction mammoplasty. Nonetheless, perfect surgery usually depends on the qualification of the doctor. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami offers diverse plastic surgery services designed as a response to the market demands. The surgeries offered at the institution significantly improve the appearance of people who decide to go through the process. This paper presents a marketing and brand promotion strategy for the breast surgery procedure at the institute. The procedure enables different women to have their kind of breast appearance that makes them happy. The life of women who undergo through the procedure gets better because of improved appearance and perfect breasts. Message Strategy The plastic strategy procedures provided by the institute targets women aged 18 years and above (Sharma and Raghuvir 174). ...
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