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Author’s Names: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Due Date: Research Marketing Other marketing communications tools used in support The cosmetic surgery Miami uses other communication such as billboards to inform potential customers about plastic surgery.


The use of email targets the old while social media is used by the company to reach out for teenagers. Displays and guided tours are also conducted by the company in communicating to potential clients. Photo displays of successful surgeries are also used as a marketing tool. Sales promotion There are regular print advertisements seen in the community publications in the health sector that publicizes the company. Other publications done nationally focus on surgery conducted by the institute. Participation in community volunteer service and sponsorship of events marks another platform for promotion of the company. Radio stations are also used in building the reputation of the organization. The company does sales promotion through the application of discounts for plastic surgery services. Former patient make referral because of the satisfaction gained during their retreatment. The company ensures that the customers they serve, when satisfied. This is enhanced by prompt response to questions prior to and after surgery. Customers are asked by the company on their willingness to provide testimonials about the service. This sales promotion method ensures hat more patients visit the company. Public relations Prospective customers of plastic surgery require elaborate information about the procedures. The company ensures that information remains available through educational material that aids the decision making process. ...
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