Advertising and promotion of Galaxy chocolate

Advertising and promotion of Galaxy chocolate  Essay example
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The terms advertising and promotion are both utilized interchangeably because they tend to have a strong correlation.Advertising refers to an act/ a form of business communication,of making a product or service from getting known by the members of the public.


mers. Marketing further involves selling, advertising as well as bring products to the people. PROCESS FOR THE FORMULATION OF A BUDGET FOR AN INTEGRATED PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY The first process in formulation of an integrated promotion budget entails objectives setting.Whereby, decision makers should determine the current and future of an organisation and integrate those goals in budget formulation.The second process entails determination of organization resources.This means that financial resources,assets and liabilities of a business should be taken into account when formulating a budget for promotion of galaxy Chocolate.The third process entails projection of company future needs.This can be done by looking on the company’s future data and projecting on the company’s future needs.Under this stage, the company may consider the four marketing mix namely 4p’s,meaning; product,price,promotion and place.The fourth process involves seeking approval of the formulated budget from the budgeting committee. ...
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