Kerry’s cheestrings flavoured debuts: marketing news analysis

Kerry’s cheestrings flavoured debuts: marketing news analysis Essay example
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From a literal point of view, marketing can be defined as the promotion of consumer or other product types, pricing, advertising, branding and distribution networks.


The term is derived from the root word, which referred to the literal process of going to the market, taking goods or services to the market for selling or shopping (Kotler and Armstrong, 1996). However, this definition is evidently insufficient but its scope is widened by Philip Kotler, who defines marketing as a practice that goes beyond all other business functions that have to do deal with the customer (Kotler, 2002). This paper will present an analysis of a market news story that was authored by Julia Glotz, and posted on the website of “The Grocer” website, on the 21st of February of 2013. The marketing news talked about Kerry’s Cheesestrings, which are debuted for different customer segments, using a flavour-based differentiation. The product was debuted under the new flavours, with the aim of developing a new line, which the company anticipates to become as successful as the Cheesstrings spaghetti line, which was launched in July 2010 (Glotz, 2013). The questions to be answered through this news analysis include the following: What is the marketing new story all about? ...
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