Consultancy Skill and Organisational Change

Consultancy Skill and Organisational Change Essay example
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Consultancy Skill and Organisational Change in British Airways I. Introduction Change is an organisation is a fundamental reality. In most firms, change is described as the process of shifting to a better position. Since change is a common event in organisations, companies are expected to provide concrete plans to anticipate such occurrences.


There are important considerations specified by firms in implementing policies for change. Most of these programmes are studied and deliberated before infused in an organisation. It is imperative for companies to assess the strategy before making adjustments. This will prevent the entities involved from acting differently. The versatility of firms is also a critical aspect when dealing with change. In most instances, organisations that are open to change succeed in the industry. Moreover, the preparation of contingency strategies is also needed when dealing with changes. Firms that resist change have experienced difficulties in dealing with problems and opportunities. It is important for organisations to understand that change is both inevitable and intrusive. There will come a period in a business cycle when a company has to make radical changes. Change also affects the manner in which the general policies of organisations are made. Success in the current global setup is dependent on how firms manage change. The succeeding discussions will tackle organisational changes that have transpired in British Airways. The Company is viewed as a classic case where culture was changed because of demand both within the organisation and outside market forces. II. ...
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